Our Home amongst the Trees-cross-stitch design

Our Home amongst the Trees-cross-stitch design

Our Home amongst the Trees-cross-stitch design

Peg Fraser has assembled some of her favourite motifs into a miniature sampler. Stitch the inscription shown here or use the alphabet provided to add your own personal touch.

• 30cm x 20cm (12in x 8in) 32-count ‘antique’ linen
• Gumnut silk ‘Stars’: 1 skein each o f dark green 628 (SOI), light green 626 (503), gold 746 (676), blue 369 (930), red 829 (356), pink 857 (3712), brown 708 (420), (DMC Stranded Cotton substitutes are also given but these will result in a slightly different effect)
• No 24 tapestry needle


19cm x 8.5 cm (7’hin x 33/sin)


Cross stitch


Begin stitching at the centre top of the pattern and work in horizontal rows from the top down. To do this, first calculate how far the first stitch is from the centre arrows marked on the chart.

Find the centre of the fabric. With a needle threaded with one strand of cotton, come up in the centre and then run a line of basting stitches up to the top of the fabric, making sure that each basting stitch is exactly the length of five squares (10 threads on linen). Now count up this row the number of stitches you determined from the chart. This is easy to do because you can count up in blocks of five stitches for each basting stitch.

With a single strand thread, bring the needle up at this point on the centre line and run another row of basting stitches out to the left side of the fabric, again making sure that each basting stitch covers the space of five squares. Now count across this line the number of spaces you determined from the chart. Refer to the graph on page 50. This is where you will start stitching.


The symbols in the squares indicate the colours to be used; the colour numbers are listed in the colour key. Work cross stitch using two strands of cotton over two threads of linen.


After all the stitching has been finished, it is a good idea to wash the piece. This not only removes any dirt or skin oils the fabric may have picked up but also refreshes the natural sizing found in cotton and linen, giving it a smoother appearance. Wash the piece in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild soap. Do not leave it to soak but swish it through the water. Rinse it very well in warm and then cool water and wrap it in a towel to absorb the moisture. Gently iron it dry with the stitching face down on a fluffy light-coloured towel. It is now ready for framing or finishing.

Our Home amongst the Trees-cross-stitch design

Our Home amongst the Trees-cross-stitch designOur Home amongst the Trees-cross-stitch design