Christmas stocking Cats cross-stitch design



• 10 count double-thread canvas 56 x 40.5cm (22 x 16in)
• Contrasting backing fabric (of a similar weight to the finished needlepoint), same size as the canvas
• Cotton fabric for the lining 56 x 81.5cm (22 x 32in)
• DMC tapestry wool as shown on the chart
• DMC fil or fonce gold thread

• Tapestry needle size 18
• Matching sewing thread
•Contrasting 5mm (!4in) cord to trim, 1.8m (2yd)
• One contrasting colour tassel

Finished size
47 x 37.5cm (18 ½  x  14 ½ in)

What cat lover could possibly resist this gorgeous Christmas stocking bulging with presents!
The design features five different British Shorthair varieties, starting at the top with the Red Tabby, followed by the British Blue, Tortoiseshell-and-white, Black-and-white Bi-coloured, and finally the Brown Tabby. With all the holly, bells, baubles, ribbons and bows, who could fail to have a merry Christmas!

1. Mount the canvas in a frame . Following the chart,  stitch the design centrally onto the canvas, according to the stitching techniques. As this design is quite large, it may require stretching after completion.

2.When the needlepoint is complete, trim the canvas, leaving a seam allowance of 1.25cm (½in) all round the embroidery. Cut the backing fabric to the same size and from the lining fabric cut two pieces also o f the same size.

3. Pin, tack and stitch the embroi­dery to the backing fabric, right sides together, leaving the top
open. C lip the curves and turn to the right side.

4. Place the embroidery inside the lining right sides together, then stitch the tops together. Turn the
stocking through the opening in the stocking foot, slipstitch the opening together, and push the lining into the stocking.

5. T rim with the contrasting coloured cord, adding the tassel at the back of the open end.

Christmas-stocking-Cats-cross-stitch pattern

Christmas-stocking-Cats-cross-stitch pattern


Download free cross-stitch pattern Christmas stocking Cats  in PDF