Greeting cards “Songbird”-cross-stitch designs

Greeting cards "Songbird"-cross-stitch designs

Greeting cards “Songbird”-cross-stitch designs

Featuring songbirds whistling sweet melodies, these pretty cards will make charming greetings for any occasion

Stitching Factbox
Stitching time: Approx 6-8 hours each
Type of stitches: Cross stitch, fractional, backstitch, French knots
Level: Intermediate

MAXIMUM STITCH COUNT 49 high x 50 wide
DESIGN AREA 14 HPl (28-count evenweave) – 9x9cm (3½ x 3½ in)
These designs were stitched using DMC stranded cotton

There’s no sweeter sound than that of birds singing. Even when they’re hidden way up high in the tree canopy,
it’s still a delight to hear their song. Luckily for us, the birds are happy to be seen as they sing in these designs which are worked in vivid pinks and purples to bring them to life, with bright green and yellow highlights. Durene used a raft of different stitches to illustrate the birds, the backgrounds and musical notes, including whole cross stitches, fractionals, backstitch and French knots. You may find yourself whistling all sorts of tunes as you work through these uplifting designs.

You will need

Threads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the key

Needle: Size 24 tapestry needle
Fabric: 14-count white aid a measuring 15x15cm (6x6in) for each design
Extras: 13cm (Sin) square, single fold, scalloped edge cards from local high street store. Backing papers of choice

Stitching close-up
Only 17 shades have been used for this project, so it’s easy to keep your thread colours under control. When you’re working in a particular area, such as a bird, you might want to pre-thread some needles with the thread shades you need, so you won’t have to spend a long time changing between colours.

Stitching idea
If you make a mistake in your last stitches, slide needle off thread and push end with eye under each stitch to undo.

How to mount the cards

1. Trim your aida fabric to within two ! squares of the stitching, then fray one row of aida all the way around the edge. You can either pull the threads out by hand or use a pair of tweezers.

2.Cut a piece of white paper to a slightly smaller size than your aida, and stick this to the back of the stitching using a piece of double-sided tape.

3. Place more strips of double-sided tape on the back of the white paper and stick to a square of patterned paper.

4. Place double-sided tape on the back of the paper, position carefully over the card blank and stick into place.

Finishing touches
We chose scalloped edge cards for these songbirds because they have a modern look which complements the
contemporary designs. The spotty and floral backing papers add to this fresh look and the edge of the aida is frayed for the final finishing touch.

Download the cross-stitch pattern with a key for greeting cards “Songbird”


Designed by Durene Jones